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Greek Military Forces Warn of Potential Military Intervention!!!

Ελευθερία ή Θάνατος!, Victory or Death
Please read this article from realnewsreporter.com on a possible military intervention in Greece breaking out:

Greek Army Threatens Military Coup Sparking Fears of Military Uprisings And Civil Wars Breaking Out Across All Of Europe

Greek Army Threatens Military Coup Saying “We Will Not Be Sold To Foreign Powers” Ahead Of IMF Bailout Loan Vote Sparking Fears Of Military Uprisings And Civil Wars Spreading Across Europe. Military Officers And Police Forces Are Now Joining The Protests.

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I, Johny The Greek, publisher of 300Sploggers.com, along with many have been ringing the bell about a possible coup on Greece since Sept. 2010 when top economist Bob Chapman came out and announced this on Alex Jone's show.  See my article below:

What is interesting to note is that Bob Chapman has (for the past 6 months or more) been speaking to Greek media in Greece about the Greek economic crisis and has, as a result, become very popular in Greece due to his depth of knowledge about what's been going on here and his encouragement to the Greek people to REVOLT against this NEW WORLD ORDER take over of their country by Germany, France and the big banks.  Bob even recently that circles within Greek military and gov't have been informing him that there may be a revolt or a coup in Greece these days against Bilderberg/Illuminst Puppet/Zionist Supporter George Papandreou.  See my recent post on this below:


Greek new sources below, ελληνικές πηγές κάτω...

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See also my article recently on the sale of Greek assets to foreign banks which includes details about how the Greek crisis happened in the first place!

Steve Forbes in Greece with the International Chamber of Commerce...

I was the first reporter, in December 2008, BEFORE this whole economic fallout stated occurring there, during the riots in Greece due to the death of the young man Grigoris at the hands of reckless police officers, to tell the whole world on CNN that Greece was in crisis situation and needed help from the world community!  I also told of how the US was/is involved in the affairs of the Greek people for decades and this was against Greece's national interests!  This is EXCALY what is happening now through this IMF bailout deal to Greece; the IMF is PRIMARILY funded by the US Federal Reserve Bank!  I did independent reporting for CNN and risked a lot to get the word out as I became very ill from the tear gas being sprayed all over the place!  See my CNN profile below which contains my videos and pictures from that time:


Here is one video of me with CNN:



On this link, to your right hand side, you will see my picture, or a screen shot, of me talking to CNN reporter Reggie during the '08 Greek riots.  The first 3 videos are actually of my interviews:


Here is a Google search that shows my name pertaining to the Greek crisis:

Violence flares at Greek teen's funeral - CNN.com

Dec 9, 2008 – Watch iReporter John Kountouris' videos of the violence » ... iReport.com: Are you there? Share photos, video of rioting ...
edition.cnn.com/2008/.../12/.../index.html - United Kingdom

I am still trying to get the original interview archives from the interviews I did with CNN.  There are 5 total.

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