Sunday, July 24, 2011

Get my new book "Conspiracy of the Jew World Order" today!


If you want the truth as to who is behind global terrorism, the Illuminati and the New World Order, read my book, Jew World Order!

Find it on!  You can find it on their Kindle section.  On Kindle search for "Conspiracy of the Jew World Order."  I put the title a little different for more search result capability on the internet.

It is also on too:

Also, please check out Roy Tov's site,, for a fantastic perspective from a former Israeli Jew himself on how he woke up to Israel's crime, embraced real Christianity (Jew-free Christianity) and now IS PAYING FOR IT with major persecution from the MOSSAD!  PLEASE get to know Roy, subscribe to his articles, send him an encouraging email and support his work if you can!

-Thanks for your support for getting out the truth!

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