Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Alex Jones Comes Out of the Closet...

...the JEW closet that is! The fact that Jones is giving this Jewish Talmudic Zionist rabbi the floor to speak just speaks VOLUMES about him. If you are not aware of the evils of the Jewish religion, particularly in the Talmud, and how it casts imprecations and speaks evilly against the non-Jew, or, Goyim (it means cattle and that YOU and me!), says a Jew can get away with murder, but a Goy can't, approves of marriage with a THREE YEAR-OLD GIRL and many other disturbing things like...the Jews dominating the world one day!!! How about the Satanic Kaballah from the Zohar (black magic)!!! And Zionism??? So AJones doesn't have a problem with Jews invading Arab land to take it over spilling much Arab blood in the process??? This rabbi is A VP FOR GOLDMAN SACHS which is destroying the world economy with OTHER Jewish banks!!! Don't give me this gun grabbing crap, Jones! It is JEWS the past decades that have been behind gun grabbing laws!!!!...JEWISH POLITICIANS!!!..the ones that follow the SAME religious principles as this said rabbi!!! Wake up and turn OFF Alex Jones!!!

See vid below:

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