Thursday, October 13, 2011

BREAKING Obama Israel to Launch War with Iran!! - YouTube.flv by annynameatall

The US (Corp.), being secretly controlled by the international Jew-led (from the Crown) Illuminati/World Jewish Mafia for over one-hundred years, NOW wants war with Iran!  This has been portended for around 7 years around the world and it may just be time!

Get this news out!!!...pray!!!...get out and protest with the guys over at Wall Street and other other around the nation warning of this APPARENTLY IMMINENT attack on Iran!!!

Everything though that Alex Jones says EXAMINE.  I DO NOT endorse him that much because he deals with Jews in high places and THAT is extremely SUSPECT for reasons this blog covers extensively.  Learn what you can out of this.

See the Alex Jones channel below:

BREAKING: Obama & Israel to Launch War with Iran!!

Iranian Terror "Mastermind" Described as Drunk, Pothead!

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