Monday, October 31, 2011

Jewish Biblical Manipulations by Roy Tov

This post is for all those who either are aware or unaware of the Jews manipulating biblical texts, starting from centuries ago, for their own advantage.  See below:

In the True People of Israel I summarized what has been the Christian Doctrine on the topic from its beginning: the True People of Israel are those following Jesus and not those claiming dubious ethnic roots. Zionist congregations are utterly wrong here, having fallen pray to Zionist propaganda during the last century or so.
Sadly, this wasn't the beginning of the Jewish biblical manipulations; a more serious one was the change of texts in the Old Testament. Before the days of the print, Bibles were copied in handwriting by scribes. They were organized in a guild that in the centuries before Jesus became part of a well known political party: the Pharisees. Eventually, they became the Talmudic rabbis we see today. This method was not only cumbersome and expensive, but it also created room for errors; actually all modern Hebrew Bibles carry with them unfixed errors. Typographical errors which couldn't be validated with an older version were left as they were, testimony to the care of the scribes. However, this method also allowed creating intentional manipulations of the text for political reasons. The old copies would eventually deteriorate beyond recognition and the new ones would carry the desired changes to posterity. It could be almost a perfect system for the Pharisees, however, at certain point they committed an error and today we can see clear signs of their alterations.

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Please support the writer of this article, Roy Tov, who has put his whole life on the line to expose the world Zionist Jewish mafia's crimes having himself renounced his life as Jew for the sake of Jesus Christ and the truth.  Please see link below:

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