Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ernst Zündel and Jeff Rense Radio (May 2010) by MrNationalism4life

LISTEN to this REAL Hero, Ernst Zundel, on Jeff Rense's program!  He is an example for us all to follow.  What is interesting to note here is that Ernst mentions the fact that he was sent to prison because...RIGHT AFTER 9/11/2001...HE DARED TO EXPOSE THE TRUTH ABOUT 9/11...AND WAS ONE OF THE FIRST WRITERS AFTER 9/11 TO EXPOSE 9/11!!!  WOW!!!  I do know also that Eustace Mullins was one of the first, of not THE first, writer in the world to expose 9/11.

It's time for the worldwide Jewish Mafia TO FALL ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!

Ernst Zündel and Jeff Rense Radio (May 2010) 

by MrNationalism4life

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