Sunday, December 25, 2011

Kabbalah Secrets Revealed! An Expose by SEK4110

Here is a very informative video on the Jewish Kabbalah.

Listen to the ARROGANCE of Jews over and against Goyim (YOU!).

Kabbalah Secrets Revealed! An Expose 

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Anonymous said...

When Jesus said his message was for the children of Israel he was referring to the 12 tribes of Israel which are now basically the White Europeans. Jews became Jews and ceased to be the children of Israel,(if they ever where), once they left Babylon and had adopted the Talmudic(Satanic)teachings.
Jews are imposters and thieves, they have stolen the identity of Abraham's children when in fact they never have been. They always try to subvert the Truth. They try to reverse history, they say they are God's chosen people when they are not, they claim they were holocausted by Aryan's when in fact the opposite is true. They claim Muslims did 9/11 when in fact they did.
Jesus will return, and whoever is not microchiped (666) by the Jew bankers will be saved. God bless, good enlightening post, thank you!