Friday, January 13, 2012

Jewpsy Wants War by Counter Bias

A member of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's security team is seen on stage as Netanyahu speaks at the annual American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) policy conference in Washington (Reuters / Jason Reed)
Casa de mierda
Maison de merde

USA Scheisshaus
White House = Shite House
Jews to Iranians:
You Talk To IAEA – You Die
The Iranian nuclear scientist murdered the
other day by the Jewpsy Zion-gangsters is
known to have assisted IAEA with its

All of the other Iranian nuclear scientists
murdered by the Jewpsy Zion-gangsters
also had their names on the IAEA list,
which, quite obviously by now, is also
made to function as the Jewpsy hit-list.

Just as in 1939, the blood-sucking Jewpsy
vermin desperately wants a world war –
and desperately needs either an 
of Poland
' or at least a 'little Pearl Harbor'.
Very unfortunately for them, Iran is not led
by a bunch of bone-headed colonels.
Jew + Gypsy = Jewpsy
"Instilling extreme frustration into
 their victims is a tried and tested
Jewpsy blood-sucking tactics
 always intended to provoke
 an extremely violent and/or
'anti-Semitic' reaction, so that
 this criminal cabal of parasitic
 Shylocks and Fagins can cash in
 to the greatest possible extent
 every time.
"Wars are the Jews' harvests."                                                           — Werner Sombart
"Jews are the fungus of humanity."
— Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf
"Hitler was right about most things."
          — Jew Stanley Kubrick, Hollywood film director
"The Polish Jews are the smeariest of all races."
                                                              — Jew Karl Marx
"When the Jews step forward as innocence itself,
 then the danger is great."
                     — Nietzsche
"The Jew is a great master of lies." — Schopenhauer

"What is the object of the Jew's worship?
 The bill of exchange!  Money is the one
 jealous god of the Jews before whom
 no other god may stand."
     Jew Karl Marx
"The Jews resort to the use of falsehood just
 as naturally as the inhabitants of northern
 climes are accustomed to wearing warm
"                      — Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf
Criminal Contrasts
Reads your palm and tells you your 'fortune'.
Jewpsy  –
Reads your palm and charges you a fortune.
Picks your pockets.
Jewpsy  –
Picks your pockets and robs your Treasury, as well.
Peddles 'magic potions'.
Jewpsy  –
Peddles 'magic potions', as well as hundreds of
billions of dollars-worth of 'legal' pharma drugs.
Runs Punch and Judy show, while picking your
Jewpsy  –
Runs your media, government, 'jew-diciary'
and what not, while picking your pockets and
robbing your Treasury.
Gets drunk and stabs someone to death.
Jewpsy  –
Gets drunk with power, greed and paranoia,
tricks you into a trillion-dollar war, robs your
Treasury more than ever before and calls you
'traitor', an 'anti-Semite' and an 'apologist
for terrorism', if you dare to question his methods
and motives, while, at the same time, pouring conspicuous praise upon his own fellow tribesmen
for their… 'courageous opposition to war'.
Non-Gypsy     –  gojo, gorjo
Non-Jewpsy  –  goy

Russian Cossacks, choir singing, WW2 action
Each of these three videos is under 3 or 4 minutes
Russian Cossacks, choir singing, WW2 action Cossacks, choir singing, WW2 action
Unit of Helmuth von Pannwitz, the last European Knights

Russlandlied - 3:06

Українські Січові Стрільці - 4:02Ukrainian volunteer riflemen - WW2

Червона Калина. Гімн ОУН-УПА - 3:06The Song of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army - WW2

More videos from Ukraine - WW2

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