Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Kim-Jong Jew by Counter Bias

An element of the USS Stennis battle group

rescued 13 Iranian fishermen held hostage
by suspected Somali pirates.
But who will rescue the Fifth Fleet, should
the Jews succeed at press-ganging their
Washington clients into yet another war?

'Exploding' Twin Towers in Korea
Yonhap / ReutersCritics Say Korean Skyscraper Design Evokes Exploding Twin Towers
"Architectural scandal!"  Oi Vey!
'Exploding' Twin Towers in Seoul, Korea, would be
one of the most literal illustrations of the full cost
of the Jew parasitism.  (Great many of the Korean
immigrants in the US soon learned who's the real
government in that formerly Christian republic…)
'Holo guilt' in North Korea
Comrade Kim Jong-Il, the 69-year old faggot boy,
died (in unequal struggle against the imperialist
powers?  Diabetes?)
, while 'serving' his captive
nation to his very last breath – according to the
kosher communist propaganda.

The Pyongyang elites – the only North Koreans
we ever see on our telescreens – were trained
all their life to do on cue anything that's expected
of them – whether it's barking or meowing or crying
their eyes out to make the rest of the proletariat –
North Korea's 'goyim' – feel utterly inferior in the
face of the Great Leader's 
 'great achievements' –
and now – as guilty as possible about his personal
Holokost (at the hands of the 'racist' imperialists?
, lest they start wondering how is it that,
in the 'land of the victorious proletariat', the proles
are at the very bottom of the food chain – and the
feudal lords of the communist party have the power
of life or death over them.

Comrade Kim Jong-Il's embalmed mummy is to be
soon installed next to the mummy of his daddy in a
hideous heathen shrine referred to as mausoleum,
where these two highly privileged corpses – in their
separate glass boxes – are to be venerated by the
popular masses – the Pyongyang elites – as well as
by the more corrupt and compliant foreign dignitaries.
All that's missing is vaseline and the obligatory Jew

In substance, however, these demonstratively slavish
kosher elites of Pyongyang aren't all that different
from those Jew-owned whores that govern us, either.

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