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The Virus that keeps the Iran war-drum going


The Virus that keeps the Iran war-drum going

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The New World Order (which is headed by The Land of the "Free") is failing in it's attempt to start World War 3 in Iran at the behest of Israel (tail wagging the dog).  Thank God!  But not enough people in America and around the world really know the truth about Iran's nuclear situation.  Well we can thank the press propaganda machine (better known as the Mainstream Media) for this because their ties to and support for the Zionist regime in Israel--and we can go on and on about this obvious problem.  

One clear fact indicating this assertion though is from April 2010 whereupon a team of peace activists in their peace Flotilla were sailing to the Gaza strip to help feed and supply the poor, starving and oppressed Palestinians there.  Well mainstream media attention to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict there certainly does not help the Palestinians situation there when most of the coverage is unfavorable to them and many times being shown as a terrorist people--period.  The real ground reports that came out from eye-witnesses that saw what took place on deck of that boat when there was a clash between Israeli soldiers and the activists said things that were completely contrary to the opinion of the media in this country.  The media in other countries though of course were in favor of the activists and put those activists testimony on their news.

Some reports from the side of the activists did actually get put in some media outlets here in America like for example that said:

"It was clear from the moment news of the flotilla attack emerged that Israel was taking extreme steps to suppress all evidence about what happened other than its own official version. They detained the flotilla passengers and barred the media from speaking with them, thus, as The NYT put it, 'refusing to permit journalists access to witnesses who might contradict Israel's version of events.' They detained the journalists who were on the ship for days and seized their film, video and cameras. And worst of all, the IDF -- while still refusing to disclose the full, unedited, raw footage of the incident -- quickly released an extremely edited video of their commandos landing on the ship, which failed even to address, let alone refute, the claim of the passengers: that the Israelis were shooting at the ship before the commandos were on board."

The Media overall though is poison, lies and deadly bait which, once you take it, it's like you clicked that curious-looking email from some weird sender that just popped up in your inbox--when you know you shouldn't have!--and now your whole computer is infected without you even knowing it or is infected more than you think it to be.  People know the news is crap, at least subconsciously, yet they still keep allowing their minds to be muddled and infected--since we are too lazy to do research and too wimpy to stand up against tyranny!--and the hard-drive of the heart of America, as a result, is now in SERIOUS need of a major "clean sweep" because the computer is running slow, lethargic and much of the programs have been..."corrupted."  The problem is that the virus that resides there is not only parasitic, but like those viruses in PC computers or in email attachments that once they are clicked spread like wild-fire and infect all of your buddies, friends and/or contacts.  

Think that analogy was silly?, the people that control the Media don't.  In fact they would agree and say that THAT was the best analogy to describe how they brainwash the public--especially about issues like Iran's nuclear situation.  So how can we liked computers and computer viruses to the Media and the mind of the American public?  Simple.  The computer is America's media, educational, governmental and military establishments (which control the mind of the American public on most issues affecting them their livelihoods and future both on a individual and national level) which is the CPU and hard-drive and the Media propagandists and their controllers (big banks, foundations and families) are the viruses and viruses breeders.  They're like those idiotic, yet brilliant, hackers that all they all day long is devise ways to shut down peoples' and nations' computing lives by trying to outdo those last batches of viruses they sent out by creating even more pesky, annoying, debilitating and hard-to-remove viruses for whatever the agenda.





I know, its not that easy, right?  WRONG.  It is.  You've just been scared into submission by Homeland Security and Janet Napolitano TO SHUT UP.  Well you CANNOT shut up now--you're country's very existence depends on it!  Yes, we need a revolution and YES it IS possible.  Just look at history.  ONE MAN, namely President Andrew Jackson, took on the New World Order forces of his day--the ones antecedent the same ones controlling our country TODAY--and WON.  "I killed the bank [the Rothschild controlled Bank of the "United States"]" bragged this legendary patriot shortly before his passing.  HE, Andrew Jackson, gave America a new heart (hard drive) and start.  

The problem though, at the time and still today, is that viruses, new viruses, can be created unless the actual sources is "wiped" clean once and for all.  THIS for us today, as it was then, are the powerful bankers and business people in the City that make up the Crown (England), the Vatican and British Columbia all controlled by the most powerful and wealthy families in the world--and now I have hit the conspiracy nerve. (This something though that the establishment media and educational system NEVER mention to you.  See the works of Eustace Mullins for more on this particularly his book "Secrets of the Federal Reserve."  Mullins was world renown expert on the FED.  Also see his book "The World Order" for details on The Crown, it's constituent parts and just which parties run--what George HW Bush promoted openly back in September 11, 1991--The New World Order.)

People cannot see the truth on Iran because they love to buy into propaganda because, in a nut shell, they always used to having other people of "stature" control their destinies...FOR THEM!  We love to plop in from of the couch and listen to Bill O'LIEly because it's convenient.  THAT IS DANGEROUS!  When you get that strange yet alluring email, DON'T CLICK THAT ATTACHMENT RIGHT AWAY, but INVESTIGATE it first.  Google the source of you can, unless you WANT and infected HD.  If the virus enters your computer, in most cases, you NO LONGER control that computer--THE VIRUS DOES!  INVESTIGATE YOUR GOVERNMENT, MEDIA, EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM, ETC. OR ELSE YOU WILL--AND ALREADY ARE--ARE SUSCEPTIBLE TO THIS VIRULENT MEDIA CONTROL.  THIS IS YOUR DUTY AS AN AMERICAN AND NEVER, I MEAN NEVER, LET ANY THUG IN CONGRESS TELL YOU OTHERWISE!

The virus we deal with is the Media, the big banks and corporations and the State of Israel with all their backers from many Jewish organizations and Jewish communities here in America.  THEY, THEY ALONE, want war with Iran and have been pounding the war drum, based on unfounded claim about Iran.  Israel has been caught repeatedly trying to manipulate coverage of Iran on their nuclear situation by attempting to skew press coverage in the US in Israel's favor.  

Now for all you "antisemitic" community police out there, the facts speak for themselves. Israel IS NOT PERFECT and their are many proofs that they DO NOT have America's best interests in mind and that their policies in the Middle East are detrimental to US interests.  There are also very, VERY clear indications that Israel INDEED is NOT our "ally," but a covert enemy from within whom we feed billions of our tax dollars to every year.  The biggest Jewish lobby in the US, AIPAC, had been caught repeatedly SPYING in America and stealing selling of OUR SECRETS to other countries.  Did you hear about that???  Do you even know about that??? Don't depend on FOX for this info because your not going to get it from there. 

Did your beloved FOX news or CNN or NBC or ABC (or New York Times or any other main media outlet for that matter) tell you that Wikileaks had leaked to them an official classified memo from the US Embassy in Tel Aviv with the title: "Israel: Promised Land for Organized Crime?"  NO, they didn't and Julian Assange, the Wikileaks founder, OFFERED this memo to the main media outlets in America but they REFUSED to air them for the public to learn of them.  Instead though, they took everything else Assange had to offer.  Only alternative media sources in America and mainstream media from other countries willing to air this would have given you this information.  IT'S REAL THOUGH and in it describes how the American government and people should be fully aware of the fact that the Jewish mafia has deep operations within America and against America's best interests! 

(So as you can see, the Media sometimes will indeed report on some issues that make Israel look villainous, to some degree, but we have yet to hear the truth about Iran, the Israeli-Palestianian conflict and things like the above-mentioned US Embassy memo.)

Salon did in fact share some of the memo's that Wikileaks had on Israel that put them in a bad light.  For example, one of their article on this:

WikiLeaks cables: Don’t trust Israel on Iran
A couple of items from the WikiLeaks trove suggest that State Depatment officials do not take particularly seriously Israeli predictions about when Iran will obtain a nuclear weapon.
That’s because those predictions are so often wrong.
There’s a candid discussion of the matter in a March 2005 cable about Israeli views on Iran (emphasis ours):
GOI [Government of Israel] officials have given different timelines for when they believe Iran will have full enrichment capability. In February, PM [Ariel] Sharon told the Secretary that he believes there is still time remaining to pressure Iran, but that the window of opportunity is closing quickly. DefMin Mofaz cautioned that Iran is “less than one year away,” while the head of research in military intelligence estimated that Iran would reach this point by early 2007. Technical experts at the IAEC predicted that Iran would have enrichment capability within six months of the end of the suspension agreement. A few GOI officials admitted informally that these estimates need to be taken with caution. The head of the MFA’s [Ministry of Foreign Affairs] strategic affairs division recalled that GOI assessments from 1993 predicted that Iran would possess an atomic bomb by 1998 at the latest.

RT, a pretty seemingly honest and fair network, reported the following recenltly:

Summary of report 

It has been uncovered recently that covert public relations activities and lobbying activities by Israel within the US having been taking place sometime in order to skew media coverage in their favor.  The National Archives made this information public following a Senate investigation they suggest Israel has been trying to shape media coverage of issues it regards as important.  

The files pertaining to this Senate investigation can be found in the website of The Institute for Research on Middle Eastern Policy:

How much though of this did you hear from FOX news? ZERO as far as I know. How about the other network?  Slim to none.  As for the other networks, the "alternative" ones which is nothing more than a mild derogatory term for media outlets that tend more toward REAL journalism, I would assume more.

Now don't get me started on Israel's involvement in 9/11.  YEAH, that's right, THEIR INVOLVEMENT IN THE EVENTS OF SEPTEMBER 11TH, 2001.  For some of us who don't know, the evidence pointing to ISRAEL as the REAL culprit behind 9/11 is about one-million percent more believable than a bunch of Saudis (and isn't SA our "ally", too?) who could barely fly a small craft plane.  The only thing that I could say is watch the documentary "MISSING LINKS" and your whole world view on things will CHANGE:

9/11 - Missing Links ( full movie ) uploaded by

Now...the Mainstream media DID, DID!!!, mention this information contained in this video above, to a certain degree, and WAS going with this story of Israel's involvement in 9/11. But then...something happened...they then, after about a year, completely SHUT UP on this issue and we haven't heard from them again.

Carl Cameron and Britt Hume from FOX News WERE, WERE running with this story at first.  See this video below:

Israel spies on the USA part 1 uploaded by

But in spite of these new revelations, the aforementioned parties are still pushing for war even though we have now learned from both US and Israeli media sources (that actually are telling us more in the issue) that:

- MANY Israeli military/governmental official are now now ADMITTING...that Iran DOES NOT have a nuke right now and that...

- attacking Iran would mean the END of Israel--LITERALLY

- Leon Panetta in Face the Nation last Sunday said Iran was NOT making a nuke 

Former Israeli-Jew/Israeli nuclear scientist, Roy Tov ( is being persecuted by the MOSSAD in Bolivia for speaking out against the crimes of the Zionist regime and refusing to co-operate with them--mentions these key points in one of his latest article titled "Astonishing Israeli Attack on Iran" where he points out that Major General Amos Gilad, head of the Israeli Defense Ministry's Diplomatic-Security Bureau, in an interview he gave to the biggest Israeli newspaper late last year (2011), stated that attacking Iran would, basically, incur the wrath of their Shahab-3 missiles a MRBM (medium-range ballistic missile) which can successfully AVOID Israel's ABM (anti-ballistic missiles) systems such as the Arrow 2 missile.

Gilad also stated that from Iran there is "no nuclear threat right now" and that “they have the enriched uranium, they have the knowledge but they are not producing them [nuclear warheads].”  But I want to point out that Iran, in 2009, offered to GIVE AWAY their enriched nuclear material to nations that could use it for peaceful energy purposes.  But, of course, without fail, the Media in the US took that and spun it making it seem like Iran was up to no good in this.  

Iran has opened it's nuclear facilities to international inspectors REPEATEDLY--Israel STILL has not (ever since JFK's era).  Israel has 400+ nukes--Iran, ZERO.  Who the real suspect/threat here, folks?

Also, Tov, in the same article, lays out the facts stating...

"...Nahum Barnea – a leading journalist of Yedihot Ahahronot - said on that Friday that the IDF Head of Staff Beni Gantz, Mossad Director Tamir Pardo, Head of Aman (IDF Military Intelligence Corps) Aviv Cochabi and the Head of Shin Beth Yoram Cohen – in other words, Israel’s leading generals - oppose an attack on Iran. In the past Meir Dagan – Pardo’s predecessor as Mossad Director – defined such an attack as a 'foolish idea.'"

Israel officials are also saying this would be national SUICIDE if Israel entangled in a war with Iran.  Do they want another... Masada perhaps???  But does Iran really want war?  NO!  Why would they when this would severely cripple their economy since 45% of national revenues come from the sale of natural gas and petroleum both of which have to first pass through the Straight of Hormuz.  Reports from the White House and other US government officials are now coming out indicating that they DO NOT want to tangle with Iran because this, too, would be destructive for the US and world economy.  

Polls coming out of Israel show that the majority of Israeli-JEWS do NOT want war with Iran.  I just hope they are starting to understand that Iran is NOT a threat to them but their own government and the forces that control it from behind the scenes the SAME ones that control the US's policy in the Middle East. 

For a very good presentation on how the United States has abused, bullied, exploited, gone to war with (by proxy) and threatened Iran for the past 50+ years, please see the following Youtube video:

History of U.S. Intervention in Iran - 1953 Until Present by ThePresidentDotCom

Now you'd think that after hearing all this people would start waking up and listening to facts, right?  

Iran has attacked NO COUNTRY in modern era, yet the United States, Israel, Great Britain, etc. have shed more innocent in the past 100 years than all nations collectively have in HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of years.  The only thing that has probably outdone them were the plagues.  Unfortunately though, this New World Order plague, virus or whatever you want to call it, is still infecting the masses.

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