Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The neocon stench of underwear worn too long -- by John Kaminski

The neocon stench 
of underwear worn too long
By John Kaminski

Nobody gets it.  The sheeple, particularly my relatives, act shocked when I tell them they themselves have destroyed America, by their Aspartame-consuming mythological exhuming of the poison gas of their manipulated thoughts, flatulating their pathetic programming on anyone who can smell — My Country right or wrong! Go along to get along to get along. Keep a low profile. Believe what your doctor tells you. Take what you can from others to salve that wound in your heart, after first lying about your intentions. 

Take a large look at the multitudinous causes of your impending death. And wonder no longer why they all seem to be government programs. You yourself have commissioned them by your diseased desires and your ever decreasing level of consciousness. Next time you brush your teeth, check the fluoride on the label, and remember those thrilling days of yesteryear when you used to be actually alert, not trapped in this suffocating fog of low-level depression and uncertainty that they seem to feed us every day.

Of course it's not your fault. It has always been the program. They have implanted these ideas in our heads, like they are doing now by teaching homosexuality in first grade. Have you noticed that our daughters, through Jewish media, now aspire to be fashionable rape victims?

We are seeing the predictable conclusion of a wrong way of thinking that has been allowed to continue for far too long. What is happening now is that the bleeding ulcer of twisted belief has turned our thinking hypoxic, as our bodies turn blue from the fetid water and the irradiated food, from the shrimp in the Gulf with no eyes, and beef forced to eat the feces of its own kind before it is doled out to us by the brain-damaged streetperson staffing the drive-thru window. Perhaps we are all brain-damaged streetpeople now.

And we're lining up, in every conceivable way, to fight each other, totally oblivious to the hand-rubbing Jewish moneybrokers who are busily pitting one group against another, funding both sides, and profiting mightily from their investments in each. Trayvon was six foot three, Zimmerman was five foot three. Zimmerman gets acquitted and the country goes up in flames, as belligerent black bigmouths find the right excuse (as if they ever needed one) to act according to their true natures, which are famously detailed in some gory assessments by Dr. Albert Schweitzer.

All those years we watched blacks supposedly aspiring to be whites was really about turning all the whites into blacks, more obviously obedient slaves of the Jewish overlords, to be precise. Through the generally unconscious level of mass entertainment media, this goal has been accomplished, as millions of half-breed babies in overweight white mothers' arms wander the streets of America, looking for a Wal-mart with empty eyes. Lone Wolf Solar tells me there are no blacks above 7,000 feet, so there you have the altitude of racial pollution in the United States.

So now we have blowhard whites flexing their gunpowder muscles but looking more like strutting peacocks in the imaginary domains of their own psychopathologies, with no shot at fending off the sadistic encroachments of blacks who are encouraged to be savage hoodlums by their own Jewish drug overlords and record producers, not to mention our own president.

All these different kinds of oppositional psychopaths are currently lined up to tee off against each other — now this is really clever population control — except that the collective effects of fluoride, television, many kinds of radiation and electromagnetic pollution, prescription antidepressants, Aspartame and other nefarious additives, neurolinguistic subconscious media entrainment, and a vastly reduced intellectual load in public school, I fear, has already produced an American electorate utterly unable to perceive even the most obvious scams that are being perpetrated upon them.

I'd rank the top lies as follows:

1. 9/11 was done by Muslims. When you realize this is a lie, you realize that every political event in the last ten years was a complete fabrication, the 3 million killed the price Madeleine Albright was willing to pay so the Jewish bankers could continue funneling the lifeblood of Americans to these corpse-worshippers in their synagogues.

2. Hitler gassed 6 million Jews. Isn't it ironic, as people realize that the U.S., Britain, and USSR were all controlled by the Rothschilds, founders of Israel and actual creators of the USA itself through their financial intrigues of the times, that Hitler's financial plan is exactly what the United States needs today — full faith in the credit of the people. It worked miracles. The Jewish allies stamped it out, and the Jews invented the gassing story, which in the minds of anyone who can think at all, is bogus to the max. I think it is fair to say (although some expert will probably pick me up on the specific numbers) that Eisenhower murdered more Germans after the war than Hitler ever did during the war.

But imagine the wars that would not have happened had Hitler won that war? 

Attention Robot People! Look at your robot country that is now terrifying the whole world with its mindless savagery. And for what?

Your security? Right. So where is your security?

When are you going to wake up and see that the system is rigged to exterminate us, that the process is well underway, and all the extermination systems are run by Jews.

It's very encouraging to see gun sales up so high recently. It's time to use them.

The people running our country are not Americans. You can hear it spewing out of Obama's mouth on a daily basis, encouraging division and dependence on a poison future. Actually, it's no future at all for most of us.



Are you still breathing?

Is anybody out there left?

(You might want to save this for use at the appropriate time.)

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