Friday, May 4, 2012

AP: A man and his monkey pulled over in Florida

In a world of war, famine, confusion and chaos, the most powerful news source (AP) in the world still finds room for news on drunk drivers and their monkeys... 

See below...

LARGO, Fla. (AP) -- A Florida man is charged with felony drunken driving and wildlife violations after police discovered a small monkey in his truck.

Largo Police say Eugene Carl Kotelman was speeding when they stopped him Thursday. He was driving on a suspended license and had been previously charged numerous times with driving on a suspended license and DUI.

Officers noticed a "small monkey" in Kotelman's truck and released the primate to his friend.
After Kotelman was released on bond from the DUI charge, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officers charged him with possession of wildlife and two counts of violating fish and wildlife rules. They took custody of the monkey.

Police did not have a way to contact Kotelman and no current phone listing could be found.

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Anonymous said...

They took custody of the monkey!!!!!! How would you like it if I took custody of your child! A small monkey! small monkey!? Ever since 9/11 noone has rights anymore!

Anonymous said...

was the monkey drunk?