Friday, November 16, 2012

Death Ray use in Iraq apparently CONFIRMED


For those who have seen former governor, Jesse Ventura's, recent new show TruTV on the "Death Ray," you saw a scene where a scientist asserts that the US government has used a death ray type weapon in Iraq to blow up, or obliterate, vehicles.

Well, check out this video of an apparent death weapon...BEING USED IN IRAQ BY US MILITARY FORCES!  The video description says: "This is video of a Tesla Howitzer, aka a Scalar Interferometer, destroying a mosque in Iraq."

Tesla Howitzer used Against Mosque in Iraq - Tesla Howitzer Unveiled
by danielvincentkelley

Jesse Ventura was on the Alex Jones show recently talking about this new episode of his.  See below:

Jesse Ventura: Secrets of Tesla's "Death Ray" Revealed

For more insightful information on death ray technology/weaponry, see below:

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