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The GREEK origins of the Swastika and the degradation of Greek civilization

For a teaser sample of my new book, YOUR ACADEMIC GUIDE TO THE GREEK LANGUAGE, CULTURE AND HISTORY, I cite the following about the Swastika:


"The Greek language is a mathematical masterpiece which here we attempt to fully understand and appreciate!

“'The beginning of everything' (ἡ αρχῆ τῶν πάντων) is the Greek alphabet itself.  To say that we Greeks took our alphabet from someone else, as we will see below and as I will describe in a later section, is factually impossible. The letters of the Greek alphabet on the whole were, originally, numbered at thirty-three (33) the same amount that are in the human vertebrae.  The last five vertebrae (that play the role of an antenna) are directly related to the brain and correspond to the last 5 ineffable letters which knew only the ancient Greek priests knew; of these was the 'Swastika' () or 'Gamadion' which in Latin became 'Swstika.'  This symbol is the vivifying Sun, Apollo.  The Nazis in Germany appropriated this symbol and called it 'Swastika.'

"We already reviewed above the extra three letter of the older Greek alphabet of twenty-seven (27) characters: Stigma (Στίγμα, S', ς), Koppa (Κόππα, ϟ), Sampi (Σαμπί, ϡ) and the Δίγαμμα (F) which here we will list for the sake of trying to recover the five (5) other symbols that have remained a mystery.  So far we have recovered 28 letters; from the regular twenty-four Greek symbols we know of, we have recovered four (4) additional Greek characters arriving at 28.  We also recovered the letter “Swastika,” so that makes 29.  So we have 29 out of the 33."

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Also, it is noteworthy to mention here on this subject concerning the Swastika that, recently, as of the summer of 2014, in ancient Messini (Μεσσήνη) in Greece, the truth concerning the origins of this most ancient GREEK symbol/letter finally came shining through for all the Greeks in Greece to see–and for the whole world for that matter. 

As of summer 2014, at a time in Greece where there is a nationwide media frenzy over apparent new acheaological discoveries that have been found in Amphipolis which indicate that Alexander the Great may be buried there or perhaps other key figures of ancient Greece past, new acheaological discoveries have surfaced also on the ancient grounds of this ancient area in the southerly western region of the Peloponnese.  WHAT WAS FOUND THERE?…SWASTIKAS…A WHOLE BUNCH OF THEM.  And the crazy thing about this is that the Greek government…ISN'T SAYING A THING, nor of course is the Greek media which lives of the government dole with state sponsorship.   

Here you can see photos shot by a Greek archeologist of the region and which are now available on the internet for anyone to see.   Notice these photos which are of a mosaic floor below which dates back to around 350 B.C.  The Swastika symbol is all over it and it's unmistakable!  

So what do we do now with all those myths about the Swastika being a "German Nazi" symbol?  WE DISMISS IT because liberal modern historians have sold us a bill of goods about this period of history as well as just about EVERY OTHER period of history, ESPECIALLY when it pertains to the Greeks which is what I expose here in this book!

What is interesting to note is that at this time in Greece, there is a lot of turmoil going on there due to the four-year long "Memorandum" economic bail-out plan that was treasonously signed by the then Greek government with the TROIKA (the European Commission, European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund) from the European Union back in the Spring of 2010.  It was treasonous because Greece did NOT need a bailout plan and all the facts are out on this issue which I won't get into detail here.  In a nutshell, the ONLY political party in Greece that has EXPOSED this treason by the Greek government toward its Greek citizens, was/is Golden Dawn (Greek Χρυσῆ Αὐγῆ) who ever since becoming somewhat of a political phoneme in Greek the past few years due to its rise in popularity amongst the Greek people for its anti-government corruption stance and more, it has received major flack and persecution from the other political parties in the Greek parliament and the ruling political party being accused by these for being "Nazis" because they have as their symbol an ancient Greek symbol similar to that of the Swastika (see below).  The government of Anthony Samaras has labelled Golden Dawn a  "criminal organization" and has placed in custody, ILLEGALLY and UNCONSTITUTIONALLY, nine (9) of its parliament members with zero evidence which has been demonstrated repeatedly both from other political parties and the Greek media and top legal experts in Greece.

Besides all the accusation of Golden Dawn being a "Nazi" type organization, its members continue to deny that they are and that all of the symbolism that they use is taken straight from their ancient Greek forefathers including the outstretched hand greeting that we've seen Hitler and the Nazis do so many times.  These ancient findings in Messini, in effect, OVERTURN any ignorant allegation out there that the Swastika is some kind of "evil Nazi symbol."   There are many works that have been done on this by other scholars out there.  The Germans–as well as many other peoples throughout recorded history–borrowed elements of the Greek culture and made then their own.  

The Greeks having been using THEIR Swastika symbol since ancient times.  Take for example this Greek soccer team called Apollo's Smyrna founded in 1891, that predates Hitler's Nazi Germany and that used the Gamadion (Swastika) as their TEAM SYMBOL from 1910 to the beginning of World War Two!  

See the photo below of this team:

The Greek Prime Minister, Anthony Samaras, along with the rest of his administration and the Greek press have certainly by now learned of these findings, but they have YET to release them.  In fact, they are apparently refusing to release this information at all because, in effect, these findings would VINDICATE the nationalistic orientation of Gold Dawn since the symbol they use, as well as the Swastika, are both AUTHENTIC GREEK SYMBOLS.  People in Greece, of course, who are finding out about this are certainly laughing because the region where these ancient findings have been found is, practically, in the Greek Prime Minister’s own...BACKYARD; they were found near his home village.  

This alone shows the machinations of the Greek government to silence anyone who speaks out agaist the fact that for at least four years now, they have sold out the Greek people with this Memorandum bail-out program which has been clearly and unequivicolly proven to be nothing but a way for mutinational corporations, with the consent of the Greek government, via the Memorandum agreement with the TROIKA, to ROB the Greeks people of their TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS worth of natural resouces (oil, gas, minerals) undernearth Greece’s subsoil. The pretext used for all of this was Greece’s supposed “bulging” national debt of around “400 billion Euros” which, supposedly, required to assistance of the IMF and the whole TROIKA team because Greece’s was in “dire straights.”  This, too, with the admision of Greek government officials, the Greek press, the Greek statistical government agency that hancles the debt figures, the former head of the IMF, Strauss Khan, and other key Greek and non Greek figures, has been proven to be one BIG FAT GREEK LIE and was the excuse to get Greek under the control of the TROIKA for reasons stated above.

But as we can see here with this issue concerning the ancient Greek symbol of the Swastika, there is ALSO a coverup on the part of the Greek government to keep the truth about its very own lanaguge and civilization from the Greek people!  The Greek educational system nowadays doesn’t teach the Greek children in schools about these deep things that I get into in this book.  There is also a decades-long, steady whittling away of Greek culture and values on the part of the Greek government, press and educational system there.  I, in general, expose this demonstrating how these developments have not only been happening in Greece for years now, but also Western nations all over the world inclusing colleges and universities all over America!

As to the REAL forces BEHIND the corruption of Greece’s culture, lanaguge and poltical climate and civilization on the whole, again refer to my book above. 

Also, for a comprehensive look at the Greek economic crisis, refer to my new book (May 2015) on the subject HELLENIC CRISIS available, too, on Amazon!

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