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Greek Journalists Giannis Papazisis and Makis Vrachiolidis on Greek debt revelations!


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Translation of this Greek article done by John Kountouris

Greek Journalists Makis Vrachiolidis and Giannis Papazisis left to right

May 24, 2015

This is an article that was published by these two outstanding Greek journalists here, Makis Vrachiolidis and John Papazisis, on Feb. 15, 2015 addressed to the new Greek Finance Minister, Gianis Baroufakis, on the truth about the Greek debt.  Here, I, John Kountouris, have done a summary translations/analysis of it for all English speakers out there.  This summary can also be found in my new book on the Greek economic crisis entitled HELLENIC CRISIS by John Kountouris.  My book is in English and is available on in all English speaking countries.

This article MUST get out to EVERY American and foreign news outlet out there because the revelations that these two Greek journalists have brought to light about the TRUTH on the Greek debt will turn the tide for both Greece, Europe and THE WHOLE WORLD!


On February 15, 2015, Greek journalists Makis Vrachiolidis and Giannis Papazisis sent a formal letter to the new Greek Finance Minister, Gianis Baroufakis, that was disseminated via many different Greek press outlets, which stated unequivocally that the majority of the supposed Greek debt does NOT belong to the Greek people but rather to four systemic Greek banks. All of this occurred under four different Greek Prime Ministers who, all together, borrowed 233 billion Euros from foreign banks for the recapitalization of these four large Greek banks. The catch here, though, is that these Greek banks ORDERED–because we all know that it’s the banks have the real power–the Greek government to foist this debt, surreptitiously, on the accounting books of the Greek state. This means that it is the GREEK PEOPLE who being forced to pay back this 233 billion!

According to these two Greek journalists, all of this is OFFICIALLY recored in the official Greek Government Gazette (FEK, Greek: ΦΕΚ)* which publishes all the acts of the Greek government and which I have gone over before in this book in chapter 4 of my book, Hellenic Crisis.  See this official record below:

*Official Greek Government Gazette, issue no. 250 of Dec. 9, 2008 | In Greek: Τα ΦΕΚ νο. 250 της 9-12-2008

After displaying a slew of official publication of the Greek Gazettes as proof of all this which I list below (click here for link to all of them),  Papazisis and Vrachiolidis then state the following (all translations from the Greek herein are mine):

“In the above Gazettes* and in the respective laws published within them, you
will see that your predecessors, Mr. Baroufakis, have put as collateral the Greek
state itself, and all our our futures have been mortgaged under English law,
which is totally unacceptable!

“These Greek governments borrowed unnecessarily 233 billion euros, gave it to
the banks and put as guarantor the Greek state. In other words they put all of us
GREEKS as guarantor and then gave as security bonds of the Greek state which
we are obligated to pay because the banks are for sure not going to pay it. With 
the tolerance and guarantee of the state apparatus, because they, the bankers, refuse 
to pay, we are all called to achieve the impossible: that is to say, we the Greek 
people are to pay this amount of 233 billion Euros plus interest even though we 
never took these loans!”

Here I list them all in Greek for those who want to research them: Ν. 3723/08, ΦΕΚ νο. 65 την 6-5-2010, Ν. 3845/10, ΦΕΚ νο. 148 την 3-9-2010, Ν. 3872/10, ΦΕΚ νο. 256 την 9-12-2011, Ν. 4031/11 και ΦΕΚ νο. 94 την 11-9-2012.  You can also find all of them in the original article written by these two Greek Journalists.  Simply use each above reference number as you search through for these Greek governments gazettes in the original Greek article.

Referencing the above-mentioned Greek government gazettes, Papazisis and Vrachiolidis then sum up the contents of these which stating in no uncertain terms this conspiracy against the Greek people:

"In the above official Greek Government Gazettes and in the respective Laws of the Greek state, you will see that your predecessors, Mr. Baroufakis,  have put as collateral for this debt the Greek state itself along with the future of us all which was mortgaged under English law which is unacceptable! 233 billion Euros was unnecessarily borrowed which was given to the Greek banks with guarantor being the Greek state itself–in other words, ALL OF US!  They also gave as security, bonds, issued by the Greek State which WE THE GREEK PEOPLE are FORCED to pay since, in this case, the Greek banks do NOT have to pay.  With the tolerance and guarantee of the Greek state, the bankers refuse to pay anything here, and since the refuse to pay, WE THE GREEK PEOPLE are then called on, MANDATORILY, IN SUCH A SURREPTITIOUS MANNER, to achieve the impossible here, namely insofar as having to pay this 233 billion plus Euros, with interest, without us every having gotten the opportunity to use a portion of these loans for ourselves!"

Marxist, Gianis Baroufakis 
They then ask Baroufakis the following 5 million dollar question concerning the real nature of the Greek banks which are NOT national which I have already gone
over extensively in chapter 4 of my above-mentioned book. They ask him:

“So we ask you: are the Greek banks private or not? Should’t all of these banks shareholders assumed their own recapitalization at their own expense? Where in all the history of Western governments has a country’s government assumed the recapitalization of a company or bank? In this case of Greece, is this not illegal?” The same brave Greek journalists go on to make an appear to the new Greek Finance Minister calling on him to do an investigation of this whole matter by finding out:

–WHICH bank executives were behind this theft of 233 billon Euros
–WHERE this money ended up going (i.e. Swiss bank accounts, etc.)
–TO SEE TO IT that if all of this money is not returned to the Greek state, that
all of the criminals involved in this crime be tried in a court of law and…
–RETURN all of this money to the foreign lenders from which it was taken once
their locations are discovered giving relief to the Greek people..."

The next and most critical demand of these two Greeks journalists is really the crux of the matter. They then ask Baroufakis to do they following:

“Immediately after all the memorandums must be annulled and made void by an
act of the Greek parliament for they were voted on unconstitutionally as pre-draft
laws and not as actual loan agreements in Memorandums 2 and 3 they proof of
which is found in FEK No. 4046, February 14, 2012 (Greek: ΦΕΚ της 14-2-
2012 Ν. 4046 )”

What Papazisis and Vrachiolidis state above about the memorandums is something I touch on in chapter 4 of my same book when citing the Greek legal scholar Kasimatis who's gained fame all over Greece for revealing the truth about the legality of the memorandums with the TROIKA.

In the Greek Government Gazette issue No. 240 dated 12-12-12 (ΦΕΚ 240 ΤΗΣ 12-12 2012) these Greek journalists point out here that it is in this official government publication where the crime of the 1st Memorandum with the TROIKA is recorded.  They write:

"Memorandum no. 1 was passed, illegally, through the Greek parliament by former Greek PM, George Papandreou, and his then Finance Minister, George Papaconstantinou without a real vote by the Greek Parliament.  Legal expert/attorney/Greek PM, George Katrougalos, gave this legal opinion on this matter stating that: 

'No memorandum or loan agreement with the TROIKA was presented to the Greek Parliament in accordance with the Greek Constitution.  In other words, it was not an officially and legally singed document with 3/5 approval of the total number of Greek parliament members.  The first loan agreement was submitted and then withdrawn; both the second and third ones were "voted on" as draft legisaltion making it seem like they were passed as actual legislative acts of the Greek parliament.  Originally, these drafts bills were adopted, but not the loans contracts, and then they were ratified.  Their annulment was not pursued because unfortunately, in Greece, we do not have a constitutional court to oversee these things.  The Council of State in Greece only audits the legality of administrative acts, not international agreements and not even the Greek Supreme Court has jurisdiction over such matters.  As long as there is no constitutional court in Greece to oversee such matters, it is then difficult to control them.  Neither at the International Tribunal can such a case be tried.'"

For more information on the memorandums and how they work in conjunction with the loan agreements, see my book HELLENIC CRISIS.

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They research that these two brave Greek journalists have done is INVALUABLE and is crucial to proving, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the MAJORITY of this so called “Greek debt” does NOT belong to the Greek people! THIS WAS A CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY BY THE GREEK GOVERNMENT, THESE FOUR LARGE GREEK BANKS AND FOREGN BANKERS OF THE EUROPEAN INSTITUTIONS AGAINST THE GREEK PEOPLE!!!

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