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St. Catherine the Great the Scroll of Apollo • by John Kountouris

– By John Kountouris

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St. Catherine was a wonderful, wise most beautiful Christian woman who lived in Rome in the 4th Cen. A.D. who was martyred for the name of Christ. Her official title is “Saint Catherine of Alexandria,” also known as Saint Catherine of the Wheel and The Great Martyr Saint Catherine (Greek: ἡ Ἁγία Αἰκατερίνα ἡ Μεγαλομάρτυς) is, according to tradition, a Christian saint and virgin, who was martyred in the early 4th century at the hands of the pagan emperor Maxentius.

According to her hagiography, she was both a princess and a noted scholar, who became a Christian around the age of fourteen, and
converted many people to Christianity. The Orthodox Church venerates her as a Great Martyr, and celebrates her feast day on 24 or 25 November (depending on the local tradition).

But who knows about her awe-inspiring speech to 50 powerful rhetoricians before the pagan Roman Emperor? This predates
Constantine the Greek who Christianized the Roman Empire. St.
Catherine demonstrated and proved the undeniable relationship
between Hellenism and…CHRISTIANITY.

She read from ancient Greek manuscripts of the writings of ancient
Greek philosophers, poets and, IN PARTICULAR, the writings of the Sibylline prophecies and of APOLLO all of which spoke EXPLICITLY of CHRIST, His mother, MARY, His COMING into the world, His DEATH and RESURRECTION. This particular word from Apollo is recorded, too, in a manuscript in St. Catherine's Monastery in Mt. Sinai, Egypt. Within this manuscript it is mentioned that the oracle of Apollo was recited…GET

The specifics of how St. Catherine was martyred are really key to understanding just how POWERFUL her reference to the the writings of Apollo was to the Roman Emperor.

In the early 4th century A.D. when Emperor Maxentius ruled over Rome, St. Catherine confessed her faith in Christ and publicly accused the Roman emperor for sacrificing to idols. The emperor gathered 50 orators from across the empire to persuade her to deny Christ. Instead of the orators persuading St. Catherine, she ends up convincing then with her own arguments because they were based on explicit sayings and prophecies of the Greek philosophers on the coming of Jesus Christ to the earth.

The arguments and reasonings of St. Catherine became the reason for these 50 orators to espouse Christianity themselves! Furious, the emperor ordered that the 50 wise be thrown into the fire and for St. Catherine to be imprisoned and tortured. The oracle of Apollo, whom St. Catherine delivered to the fifty wise orators, was the greatest testimony of the person of Jesus Christ!
Now let’s review the oracle itself…

"CHRIST IS MY GOD," declares Apollo in his writings on Christ, revealing that he, along with the rest of the OLYMPIANS, are REAL BEINGS OF THE HIERARCHY OF GOD'S HEAVEN!!! This is unmistakable when you read the ancient Greek. THIS is what the Roman emperor and his court heard from the lips of St. Catherine!

Let’s now examine the full text of the original Greek:

The English reads as follows which is my own translation:

Below we have an image from one of the remaining manuscripts of

Apollo’s speech on Christ. See it below...

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