Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Nazi Collaborator Konstantinos Karamanlis

by John Kountouris  • • ‪#‎KonstantinosKaramanlisNaziCollaborator‬

***I was the first journalist in Greece to break this news on Nov. the 1st 2015 via an official Greek press outlet, namely the newspaper that I write for, ELEFTHERI HORA (THE FREE HOUR). This news has since been extensively discussed both in the Greek Parliament and in the Greek media ***

I couldn't believe my eyes either when the news about this broke late late evening Greek time by all the big blogs in Greece.  Yet it shoudn't come as a surprise because there were MANY Greek Nazi collaborators during WW2.  However, DON'T think I am saying this was necessarily a "bad thing," because, as most are finding out now, nearly ALL of what we have learned about has been first FILTERED by the main stream media's propaganda––which is controlled by Jewish interets, of course.

Kostantinos Karamanlis was one of the most famous and longstanding PM's in Greece over a span of many decades.  Read his Wiki profile here:

The source of what I am talking about is none other than the official CIA website (click here for link).  See below the image.

What this news concerns is the fact that the CIA has leaked secret documents between it and the Greek government.  The document in question is one written by an apparent Greek diplomat (in Greek) who descibes how during how during Adolf Aichman's trial in in Israel in 1963, there was read a list of GREEK Nazi collaboraters who supposedly participated in the "extermination of Jews" –as THEY put it– who lived in the great Greek city of Thessaloniki during the war then.  Karamanlis' name WAS IN THIS LIST along with other top Greek politicians of that era.  However, the Greek government made an appeal to the Israeli government (due to their connections with it) to NOT disclose the names of these Greek policians during Aichman's trial.  So this is why Karamanlis was never extradited to Israel and put to death for "killing the Jews" in Northern Greece duign WW2.

For those who still believe the LIES and PROPAGANDA of the Jews that "millions" of Jews were "killed" by the Nazis during WW2, please see the following:

See screen shots of this document below:


Και συνεργάτης και καταδότης των ΝΑΖΙ υπήρξε ο Κως. Καραμανλής....ΤΟ ΠΊΣΤΕΥΕΤΕ;;;!!!  ... και ευχαριστούμε την...CIA για την ενημέρωση...αχαχαχαχα!!!... 


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